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The Dyodyne Experiment

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The Dyodyne Experiment is a fiction thriller that is based upon plausible scientific theories and research. The following are actual news stories that were written about the topics incorporated into The Dyodyne Experiment's plot :


DNA Computer Research


DNA and Computers



The New Industrial Convergence


The American Cultural War

Patriot Act Presentation



The following video was created by an ACLU supporter. It provides a rebuttal to the points make by Bill O'Reilly on his program, "The O'Reilly Factor."

Click image or this link to view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgCqFtnXYfY


American JIHAD - terrorist cells TRAINING CAMPS in USA


Olbermann: the beginning of the end of America



Tom Tancredo on Border Security and Terrorism


MELANIE PHILLIPS: Yes, Big Brother Britain is a menace. The irony is, it's the civil liberties lobby who are to blame...

Suddenly, a new political consensus appears to have emerged for the chattering classes. At the weekend, lawyers, celebrities, writers, politicians and lobbyists took part in a series of meetings across Britain, organised by the umbrella group Convention on Modern Liberty, to discuss their fears about the erosion of Britain's historic rights and freedoms by the 'surveillance society.' Read More...

Genetic Engineering and Mutation


Future of genetic engineering - by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. Genetic mutations and genetic disorders.


Truth About Genetic Mutations


MDH Refuses to Disclose DNA research documents




Other Related News Items


Scott County Sheriff's Office implements iris recognition software used to track people

The Scott County Sheriff's Office introduced the first use of biometric technology Tuesday for the purpose of identifying missing persons and keeping track of inmates and registered sex offenders, said Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter. Read More...

Minister Wary of Foreign ‘Attack’

Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari on Friday called the country’s medical institutions to carry out their own virus and DNA research free of foreign funding so as to avoid exploitation from developed countries and the possibility of a future biological attack against the nation. Read More...


A New Debate Can't Wait

The journal PLoS Medicine recently published an article about an Israeli boy who developed benign tumors from human neural fetal stem cells that scientists in Moscow had implanted in his spinal cord as a "therapy." The ethical and scientific breaches perpetrated in this so-called therapy are numerous and illustrate the finer points of where the new debate should go. Read More...