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The Dyodyne Experiment

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Doulgeris and Santoro, veterans in the field of biotechnology, have written a compelling and exciting narrative in the style of Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton. The Dyodyne Experiment has it all... science, politics both domestic and foreign, strong characters, and a killer plot. Literally. Read More...

Hi Jim,
Peter Sontag recently let me borrow a copy of your book and I want to compliment you on producing a terrific read! Having lived in Teheran, Bandar Abbas, Riyadh, and the Far East (to mention but a few!) I found the descriptive writing and characterisation provided a very accurate sense of place which was very convincing. I also liked the almost "sound-bite" structure of the book which did a great job of keeping the story moving - like a series of news reports. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book - well done, and I hope there are many more tales in a similar vein to come.
With best regards,
Michael J Clarke (aka "Clarkie")


The Dyodyne Experiment, left me almost breathless. I like a good
challenge and am easily bored. Reading The Dyodyne Experiment challenged me to the point that I consciously reserved time in my day to devote to reading it. As someone who is not an avid reader, I am usually not drawn to finish a book. I get what I want out of it and leave it alone - finished or not. The Dyodyne Experiment did not allow me to do that. It was almost an addiction with me, until the book was completed. If you are in the mood for a solid story that won't insult your senses, you are going to love reading this book.
Dave Perrego


You know you are onto a unique story of plausible future when you check out the authors of this book. James Doulgeris, an expert in the healthcare industry for twenty-five years, and V. Michael Santoro, VP of product development for C-5 Biotechnologies with over twenty-five years in the high tech industry. This appears to be their first novel although Santoro is an established non-fiction author. A powerful debut novel! Read More...


When I finally got to reading the book, I have to say that I was definitely not disappointed! I found it to be a fast read, even with everything going on... Read More...


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